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Current Hairstyles for Women Over 50

There are plenty of hair style options for women over 50.

The cardinal rule used to be that as soon as a woman turned 30, and certainly if she were a mother, that her long locks had to go. That was back in a more rigid era, however, when there was a rule for everything and women, in particular, tended to obey them. If you are 50 or beyond and want to wear your hair long or dye it purple, go right ahead and do it. Wear the style you think is the most flattering to you and thumb your nose at ridiculous rules.

You Decide 

The length of your hair is no longer dictated by society and your age. Pick your hair style based on your facial structure, the type of hair you have and your lifestyle. According to an article written by Paul Jones for, your choice of haircuts and styles is limited only by what fits you, your face, your complexion, your hair texture and, perhaps, primarily, your personality. Older women do, in fact, generally have thinner hair, due to post-menopausal hormone deficiencies, and possibly not as much hair as they did when they were younger. Do not despair. A short hairstyle may be best for disguising thin hair, because people may look at your face rather than your hair. Consider getting your hair cut into a bob and think about getting some bangs, which will cover up forehead wrinkles


If you have your hair layered around the face and brushed slightly back and upward, rather than downward, this is a great way to soften your facial features. Women tend to want to do the opposite and opt for styles that keep the hair close to their face, because they think this will disguise their loosening jaw line. Styling the hair with the front portion being slightly shorter around the face and then layered in back actually works better, according to Paul Jones for If you use a round brush, which will fluff up your hair, this will give your hair some lift and, once again, take attention away from those areas of your face that are aging. When the hair is moving upward it will counteract the downward slide of your facial features, which happens with age.

The Right Color 

If your hair is turning gray, resist chopping it all off and then dipping your head into a vat of black dye. Hair that is obviously dyed, and too dark, is very aging. Instead, consider going a little lighter unless you are extremely pale. Those with pale skin can stick with the darker shades well into their fifties if it’s done right. Dark-skinned and olive-skinned women can choose from a variety of colors that will work with their 50-year-old (and plus) face and hair. Choose from burgundy, brown or blond, but make sure that whatever color you choose–and you may not discover this until after the deed is done–flatters your skin and makes you look radiant and vital and not washed out.

Short and Chunky or Up-do

Micheal Cheal and Angel Wheeler for SL Hairstyles note that if a woman has short, chunky layers around her face it will emphasize her eyes rather than her slack jawline. Because older women have to deal with the effects of aging, including dryer and thinner hair, Cheal and Wheeler also advise that short shags and layered crop tops work very well for hair that has seen better days. If you choose to wear your hair long, however, consider wearing it in an up-do, such as a French roll. Once again, you are directing the eye upward and this will detract from the flaws that are occurring due to age. Lifting the hair up and keeping some height on top will make you look taller and leaner.


If you opt for a bob, which is considered a classic hairstyle and good for all ages, it can be chin length, longer or shorter, with or without bangs. You can tuck your hair behind your ears, or let it swing to the front. Some like having the back portion of their hair stacked or layered to give a fuller look.

Veto the Matronly Look

If you decide to keep your hair long and want to pull it up on top of your head, it doesn’t have to be sprayed and stiff and look like a helmet, according to You don’t have to look matronly just because you’re on the far side of 50. You can let tendrils trail down the back of your neck and style your up-do in a soft, playful way. If you want to keep your hair short, which can emphasize the eyes, consider getting the ends of your hair razor cut, because this is flattering and uplifting. It also will create the illusion of a longer neck. Get shorter layers on the top, because this will give height to the crown and help boost hair that may have become thin and lifeless.

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