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How to Save the Environment at Home

How to Save the Environment at Home There are plenty of little steps that people can take at home to help save the environment. While the eco-footprint of each step is small, thousands of people doing the same thing can make a difference. In making some small changes to the way that you do things at home, you are gradually making a difference, even as an individual. You will kill costs and improve your health at the same time, so helping to save the environment isn’t a totally altruistic exercise!

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Fishtail Hairstyles

Fishtail Hairstyles If you are looking for an elegant, romantic or edgy manner to style your long hair, consider wearing a fish tail braid hairstyle. Fishtail braids are a very intricate type of braid that is appropriate to wear to casual or dressy events. You can easily create a fishtail hairstyle that fits your personality and sense of style.

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Find ID

How to Find My Facebook ID

Facebook is website created to connect people and allow them to share information, interests, events and photos. There are many features on Facebook that allow for privacy and security. When creating a Facebook account, the system automatically assigns the user an identification number, known as the Facebook ID. In an update done in the spring of 2009, a user’s Facebook ID number was replaced with a “vanity” user name of the Facebook member’s choice. Finding the former Facebook ID number is still possible.

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Men are egged on by sucessful and good looking power celebs. Men feel that celebs have the right balance between masculinity and feminity. Men don’t like celebrities as a person; they basically fall in love with the characters they play onscreen. “Their flawless complexion, perfect body, awesome height and flowing hair – makes for an A-list package minus even a single imperfection. “The media and fashion industry have totally changed the way people view women. The important thing now is not the heart, but the outer beauty of a woman.” explains Dr. Parekh.

Muammar al-Gaddafi

When rebels raided Muammar al-Gaddafi’s compound, they found an unlikely loot – a scrapbook put together with the meticulousness of a love-struck teenager. And it wasn’t on guns or grenades, but on ex-United States secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. Gaddafi had posted single shots of Rice along with picture of the two together that were clicked on her last visit to Libya. Gaddafi, on his part, has never really denied having a ‘thing’ for Rice. Nicknaming her Leezza, he has been heard breathlessly repeating her name on the Al Jazeera channel.

Mayawati sent empty jet to Mumbai for sandals

Mayawati, CM of UP and head of the BSP sent a jet to pick up a pair of sandals, according to leaked US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. “When she needed new sandals, a jet flew empty to Mumbai to retrieve her preferred brand,” a cable dated October 23, 2008 reported. They said Mayawati celebrated her birthday each year by receiving millions of dollars in gifts from ‘sycophantic’ party members. She has often been criticised for being greeted at rallies with garlands made out of Rs 1,000 (20-dollar) notes.

Hazare lost five kg in a week

A team of doctors checks the health of anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare on the stage during his hunger strike in New Delhi.

“Anna Hazare’s fasting has taken a toll on his health; but for his age, he is strong and continues to be well,” said a senior physician, member of the team of doctors monitoring the social activist’s health at Ramlila Maidan here.

“After 160 hours without food, 74-year-old Anna has lost five kilos. His blood and urine samples are showing ketone particles that are created by the body during starvation, and are meant to provide an alternative source of fuel from fatty acids. Mr. Hazare was 71 kg before his fasting and now, after a week, he has lost 5 kg,” said Dr. Balram Gupta of Medanta Medicity, one of the doctors taking care of Mr. Hazare.

“He is weak and says that he is a feeling a bit tired,” said a member of Team Anna.

“Formation of ketone particles is dangerous as it may affect vital organs like kidney and liver. After 60 hours of continuous fasting, any human being’s body will get dehydrated and blood sugar levels will go down… On an average, a person can fast and yet remain safe and healthy for up to about two weeks,” noted a senior doctor attending to Mr. Hazare.

Hero of the Week: Anna Hazare

Last Minute Mini Vacations

Hard-working people deserve to have a long vacation. However, opportunities often arise to take mini-vacations, which helps people relax and get their minds off of working. Taking even a little time for a mini-vacation from a difficult work week may reduce stress. Some of the best mini-vacations are in your hometown or less than a few hours away.


Go camping. Every state has a campground. Make it a romantic weekend with a spouse, spend time alone with nature or make it a family vacation with your kids. Many campgrounds have lakes, creeks, or rivers where you can fish, canoe or swim. Go hiking, ride a bike or have a barbecue. At night, lie in lounge chairs or on blankets and watch the stars.

Take a Ghost Tour 

Old American cities such as St. Augustine, New Orleans, Salem, and Savannah boast about their ghost tours, but the uprising of the interest in the paranormal increased with shows such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures.” Plenty of paranormal groups now exist around the country and taking one of these tours excites many people.

Tour a Winery

All states have wineries. If you have kids, take them, as many wineries have activities for kids including wine stomping with bare feet. Of course, adults do this, too. You can even have your own private label on a wine bottle with your photo. In Lake Placid, Florida, Henscratch Farms broke its personal record with over 2,000 lbs. of grapes stomped. Many wineries also have live music and other entertaining festivities.

Visit a Theme Park 

If you like thrill-seeking rides, visit an amusement park such as Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, or Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia. Some people may enjoy comical and amazing animal shows at places like Sea World, Orlando or Popovich Comedy Pet Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, or even at a nearby zoo. Many theme parks are indoors, such as in Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, or Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, a theme park usually exists within a few hours driving distance.

China speeds past India

Big gap

India’s struggle to build a railway to troubled Kashmir has become a symbol of the infrastructure gap with neighbouring China, whose speed in building road and rail links is giving it a strategic edge on the mountainous frontier. Nearly quarter of a century after work began on the project aimed at integrating the revolt-torn territory and bolstering the supply route for troops deployed there, barely a quarter of the 345-km (215-mile) Kashmir track has been laid. Text: Reuters, Photo: PTI

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