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How to Do a Peace Sign on Facebook

The social networking site Facebook is a popular website where people from all over the globe connect, play games and communicate using the written word. New Facebook users may be mystified when they see some of the acronyms and symbols more experienced users pepper into their comments. “LOL” (laughing out loud), “♥” (love) and “:o)” (smiley face), components of an Internet shorthand called “emoticons,” are acronyms and symbols that add color, nuance and feeling to your comments that the written word does not fully express. Other symbols, such as peace signs and musical notes are used for fun, as well.


Windows users can access a peace sign in the “Character Map.”

Click “Start,” “All Programs,” “Accessories,” “System Tools” and choose “Character Map” on Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Click the check box next to “Advanced view” in the lower left of the window, causing the window to expand about an inch at the bottom.

Select “MS UI Gothic” or “MS Gothic” from the “Font” drop-down menu at the top of the window.

Type “262E” into the text box labeled “Go to Unicode,” located at the bottom of the window to the right of the “Character set” drop down menu . The peace sign symbol should be selected.

Double click the peace sign symbol so it appears in the “Characters to copy” text box. Alternately, click “Select” next to the text box.

Click “Copy” to the right of the text box. Click your mouse where you’d like to insert the peace sign symbol, right-click and choose “Paste.”

Mac users can access a peace sign in the “Character Palette.”

Click “Edit,” and then “Special Characters” to open the “Character Palette” (10.4), “Characters” (10.5) or “Character Viewer” (10.6) window.

Open the viewer via the drop-down “Input” menu in the menu bar, alternately. The icon for the “Input” menu is usually a flag, but can be another character.

Choose “All Characters” from the drop-down “View” menu at the top of the window, and highlight “by Category” directly below. “All Characters” and “by Category” are the default selections, and you probably won’t have to change the settings.

Expand the “Symbol” menu on the left and highlight “Miscellaneous Symbols.” The viewing pane on the right shows a variety of symbols. The peace sign character is included on standard Mac systems, but it might not be listed.

Search for the character if it doesn’t already appear. Type “peace symbol” in the “Description & Code” text box at the bottom of the window. The peace sign character should appear already highlighted in the viewing pane.

Double-click the character to select it, place your cursor in your document where you’d like to use the symbol and click “Insert.”

Tips & Warnings

There is no keyboard combination to make a peace sign character on Windows or Mac systems. The only way to use the symbol is to copy and paste it.

Not all websites use fonts that support the peace sign symbol.

If the character doesn’t appear after you’ve pasted it into your document, the software you are using may not support the symbol. Try using a different program


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