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How to Contact a Facebook Administrator

Contacting the administrator of a Facebook page is not as cut and dried as it might at first seem. Since Facebook pages are used by businesses, artists and other groups, they don’t have quite the same functionality as regular personal profiles. For one, Facebook pages don’t have a way to simply click “Send Message” and interact in a private way with the administrator of the page. With that said, you’ll have to use your imagination a bit to contact a Facebook administrator.


Log in to Facebook with your Facebook username and password.

Navigate to the Facebook page in question. In the “Write Something” box, type in a short message and ask the administrator to contact you. Since the administrator likely receives notifications when someone posts to their Wall, they’ll likely get the message in a timely fashion.

Click on “Info” on the right hand side of the Facebook page. This will take you to a page with any additional information the page administrator has chosen to provide, including any websites, email address or snail mail addresses for the business or group associated with the page. Jot down any email addresses provided there and send them an email. Also jot down the Web address and go to the link; the business’ Web page may have a “Contact Us” or “About Us” page that provides more contact information.

Tips & Warnings

There are times when you may want to also contact an actual person at Facebook, to report abuses or lodge complaints. While you can report almost any page or post by clicking on “Report as Abuse” from within that page or post, you can also contact Facebook administrators by navigating to the “Report Someone on Facebook for Violating the Terms of Use” page, whether or not you have a Facebook account of your own. Go to

You can also get answers to many of your questions by visiting the Facebook Help Center,

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9 thoughts on “How to Contact a Facebook Administrator

  1. I would like to understand why I sent add friends to Greater St. John Members and receive a message “Do I Know This Person”.

    Posted by Sandy Williams | August 3, 2011, 3:09 pm
  2. 1. Ashley Hughes
    2. Vanessa Hollins

    These are Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church members. I got a message asking me “Do You Know This Person”. Now, I cannot log on, please share – Why I cannot log on Facebook.

    Posted by Sandy Williams | August 3, 2011, 3:12 pm
  3. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

    Posted by Lincoln Bordoy | August 9, 2011, 10:31 pm
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  5. Please contact me. I am having difficulty getting to my Facebook Homepage. I have tried using Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox – the same problem. All I get is some truncated info on the left side of the screen. Earlier, I used to get my profile picture on the left hand, with profile, photos, messages, friends, etc., my personal info in the middle, and home, account, birthdays, etc on the right hand side.

    Posted by Kotu Kumar Phull | September 20, 2011, 5:43 pm
  6. Ihave 2 accounts and want to become administer of (1) facebook so i can deleat (2) facebook . Am having trouble.

    Posted by Amity Parks | October 8, 2011, 6:26 am
  7. Hi, Facebook…
    My account was hacked several times and i changed my password all the time.
    but now the hacker changed my user name to a ‘BAD WORD’ in our affects my status. I’m ready to submit any document which Facebook needed.i need my real username.
    please please help me……. – this is the new user name.
    it’s a bad word.

    hope you’ll understand, give me a guidance please….


    yours faithfully,
    Vishnu sudheesh

    Posted by vishnu sudheesh | November 11, 2011, 1:06 pm
  8. would like to ask what email address i can use and who i can email to regarding our condominium’s facebook account which we can’t no longer use them as we do not know what account number/email address that our operations manager (who died) used. many thanks. would appreciate your favorable response please.

    Posted by Delma | September 23, 2015, 9:08 am

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